Our Support Services

Mustard Seed Autism Trust CIO is a registered charity providing support to autistic children, their carers, and siblings.

Our Vision is to create a world that understands autism.

Our Mission is to equip children, empower carers, and educate society.


Accessing our Services



Self Referral


We open our waiting list twice a year. The date will be announced in advance here, on social media, in our newsletter and through local networks.

Step 2

Initial Assessment


One to one with parent/carers to discuss referral and create a plan.

Step 3

Work with Family


Work through pathway of support.

This would typically include a combination of 1-1 therapy, small group sessions, Occupational Therapy and other practical support.


Step 4



Recommendations, evaluations and next steps.

Family Support Services

 We open our waiting list twice a year. The date will be announced in advance here, on social media, in our newsletter and through local networks.

Pathway Planning

Each child has an individual pathway plan, which may involve one-to-one or small group work, focusing on social, communication, emotional, sensory and motor difficulties.

Please see our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for additional information.

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MustardSeedAutismTrust

Twitter: @MustardAutism

Referral Criteria

We accept children aged between 4 and 11 who live within Hart and Rushmoor, including the borders of Surrey, up to a 10-mile radius of Farnborough.  We take referrals directly from parents/carers only.


Our waiting list opened in April 2024 and we filled all 50 spaces within 2 minutes. We are now closed to new referrals.  Please keep checking our social media and this page for updates.

Our Pathways of Support

Occupational Therapy

Sensory Processing
Motor skills
Life skills
Social Communication
Communication work (younger children)
Social understanding (older children)
Using visual communication

Anxiety management

Understanding emotions 
Emotional regulation
Anxiety management course for young people


Family Support

Monthly sibling support groups (primary and teens groups)
Parent/Carer workshops
Loan of equipment and books

Waiting for Support?


If you are looking for support whilst our waiting list is closed, here are some things you can try:

  • Email us for a copy of our Signposting document .
  • Explore our Resources Hub  – all resources free to download!
  • Check out our daily social media posts – recommendations, resources and ideas.



Selected resources you can use at home or at school

What charges your battery?

What charges your battery?

Which activities, environments, people and events give us energy and which drain us? This activity helps young people identify those activities, which can then be built into their day or week. download



Spoon Theory, developed by Christine Miserandino, is a way to explore and describe social and physical energy. Some activities and environments take up more "spoons" and this can vary from day to day. This activity helps young people to identify what activities add...

Branches Occupational Therapy


Our Branches Occupational Therapy Service is a costed service for pre-schools, primary, secondary, special schools, and colleges. 

This service is for any child with sensory and/or motor skills difficulties. The service can be accessed by schools or directly by parents.

All profits from this service go directly into Mustard Seed Autism Trust CIO, enabling us to offer free support to autistic children and their families in the local area.

We can support with:

  • Sensory processing difficulties affecting motor skills, behaviour and function.
  • Motor skills difficulties.
  • Fine motor and handwriting difficulties.
  • Developmental delay.
  • Children whose functional issues are impacting their learning and access to the curriculum.
  • Children who may not have a diagnosis but have needs that are impacting their academic potential.
  • Staff and parent training

Our service does not cover the assessment and intervention of children with physical disabilities.

Please contact us to discuss our costs and types of support:



What People are Saying About Mustard Seed Autism Trust

I feel that we were listened to and given excellent support and possible solutions going forward. I don’t think we would be in as good a place as we are now without this support. The staff were all fantastic!



The support is amazing and we have already seen the impact of the practical suggestions and strategies that we have learnt from the course. The dressing chart, social stories, reference to the literature – the list goes on!



My daughter has made life- long friends through sibling group and it has been incredibly important to her and continues to be. She loves the cooking and arts and crafts activities and the trip out at the end of the year too.



The support offered by Mustard Seed is outstanding. I am not aware of anything of this sort being available elsewhere without going through a private route which is cost prohibitive. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It helped my son very much and he enjoyed the sessions.



When can I refer?

We only take referrals directly from parents/carers. When the waiting list is open you can request a referral form.

How does the advice line work?

Our advice line runs one afternoon every week.  You can email to book a call with a member of our team, who will be able to give advice, recommendations, signposting and resources.  Most calls last 45 minutes to 1 hour and are followed up with an email.

If my child is not eligible or I have missed the open period for the self-referral list what can I do?

Our resources section has a varitey of tools you can freely download and use while you are waiting or out of our area.

Do we have to be a self-referred family to use the advice line?

You don’t have to be on our waiting list to make an appointment, but you do need to be within 10 miles of Farnborough GU14.
Families can book a call by contacting us.