Mustard Seed Autism Trust

Mustard Seed Autism Trust is a registered charity providing support to autistic children, their parents and siblings.

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Important Update

When we set up Mustard Seed in 2012, we registered as a Charitable Trust. This was suitable for a tiny charity run by volunteers. In recent years a new structure for charities has been developed which removes the liability from trustees and places it on the organisation itself. These are known as Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs). This is a more robust structure for growing charities that employ staff.

In autumn 2022 our Trustee board decided it was the right time to start the transition to become a CIO. The process involves closing down the original charity and transferring all assets to the new one.  As you can imagine, this is not a quick process! I’m pleased to report that the Charity Commission accepted our application and we registered the CIO in March 2023. We are now ready to take the final steps in winding up the old charity and transferring our assets. This will take place on Tuesday 11th June 2024.

We have decided to keep the same name as there will be no change to our objectives, projects, or referral criteria. Our new charity number is: 1202378



Our Mission & Vision

Mustard Seed Autism Trust is a registered Charity providing support to autistic children, their parents and siblings. Our mission is to equip children, empower parents and educate society so that together we can build a more understanding world.


by Dec 22, 2022

Our Pathways of Support

Occupational Therapy

Sensory Processing
Motor skills
Life skills
Social Communication
Social understanding
Visual communication

Emotional Wellbeing

Understanding emotions
Regulating emotions
Anxiety management 


Family Support

Monthly sibling support groups (primary & teens groups)
Parent workshops
Advice Line and resources
Book and equipment library

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What People are Saying About Mustard Seed Autism Trust

I feel that we were listened to and given excellent support and possible solutions going forward. I don’t think we would be in as good a place as we are now without this support. The staff were all fantastic!



The support is amazing and we have already seen the impact of the practical suggestions and strategies that we have learnt from the course. The dressing chart, social stories, reference to the literature – the list goes on!



My daughter has made life- long friends through sibling group and it has been incredibly important to her and continues to be. She loves the cooking and arts and crafts activities and the trip out at the end of the year too.



The support offered by Mustard Seed is outstanding. I am not aware of anything of this sort being available elsewhere without going through a private route which is cost prohibitive. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It helped my son very much and he enjoyed the sessions.